Welcome to Aunt JoJo's Cookies

Hi! I’m JoAnn, aka Jo, Aunt JoJo, or Mama Jo (depending on who you ask). My daughter Jenna and I are the Co-Founders and Head Bakers at Aunt JoJo’s Cookies. I’ve been making chocolate chip cookies longer than I can remember. Jenna started helping me when she was 3 (see pic but don’t worry, she’s graduated college now and no longer licks her fingers when baking…lol). Our cookies are always the hit at gatherings with family and friends. From young ages, my nieces and nephews knew where to find a bag of “Aunt JoJo’s Cookies”, the freezer, our favorite place to store them! Once they went off to college, they had to hide their cookie care packages because their roommates would devour them as soon as the box was opened. After years of pleading by our family and friends, we finally decided to officially launch Aunt JoJo's Cookies in December 2020.

We call our product cookies because they are sweet, some call them chips because they are bite-sized and crispy, and some call them crack because you can’t just eat one! That combination is what makes our cookies the “best d♥mn cookies you’ll ever eat”! 

Our bite sized cookies are perfect for all occasions including birthday parties, college packages, corporate events, and party platters/favors!

Also, follow us on Instagram and Facebook @auntjojoscookies so we can keep you up to date!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

JoAnn and Jenna,

Co-Founders and Head Bakers, Aunt JoJo’s Cookies