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Carol S - Stamford, CT

These cookies are ridiculous!!! SO good

Anthony C - Syracuse, NY

The best gift for any holiday or occasion

Connie C - Anaheim, CA

Seriously amazing cookies!

Barb F - Stamford, CT

 These are f*ing awesome 

Nicole D - Westchester, NY

The GOAT of holiday cookies - the perfect gift!

Dominick B - Stamford, CT

I am in love with these cookies. If you have not tried an Aunt JoJo cookie then you're missing out 

College Students - CT, NY, NH, FL, CA, NJ, NC, TN, TX, CO

  • Seriously delicious cookies
  • Phenomenal
  • Heavenly
  • Addicting
  • The best
  • Mad Yummy
  • Best football-watching snack
  • I love getting Aunt JoJo's Cookies care packages!  They are a great study snack, remind me of home, and are a great way to make friends (I have to hide them from my roommates!)

Theresa C - Naples, FL

I have to hide my bag of Aunt JoJo's Cookies in the oven so my husband doesn't eat them all!

Eli C - Meredith, NH

My favorite cookie - perfectly crunchy and delicious. My favorite snack!

Amy S - Stamford, CT

OMG these are so good!

Jo C - Albany, NY

Aunt JoJo's is the perfect gift for an occasion! So tasty!

Ashlee N - Stamford, CT

The cookies are yummy! I like that they are tiny (which is totally not what I was expecting!) and I love them in the freezer! 

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 Great video 😍😍I am hungry now


Your cookies are delicious!


Those look delicious 😍


Dive into a world of mini delights with Aunt JoJo's Cookies! 🍪✨ 

Every bite is a moment of pure joy! #AuntJoJosCookies #MiniCookieMagic #SweetDelights #CookieCravings  


Love these cookies! Always such a big hit!! 


The BEST cookies 🤤!!!! 


They’re AMAZING!!! So good 


The cookies were so good!!!❤️❤️ 


Hands down the best Cookies I ever had. Thank you for these rich, sweet, and crunchy delectable cookies that are fit for the Gods. I kept them in the freezer and that Peppermint Chocolate. Sweet Merciful Baby Jesus!!! had an out of body experience with the first bite Oooooh Lawwwd (Del Voice) 


These cookies are delicious and my family absolutely loves them!! ❤️❤️❤️ 


So cute & crunchy!


  • Trust me when I say that these cookies saved my afternoon of meetings
  • Summer life is being the kids' driver. What a perfect cup holder snack. I may have eaten half the bag...
  • A fun family friendly win! Pro Tip: put them in milk like cereal because it's amazing
  • I told myself these adorable little cookies were for the kids. I am a liar...
  • I dare you to open this bag and not eat the entire thing in one sitting
  • Word to the wise, just buy in bulk lol! These mini cookies are heavenly!
  • These tiny, delicious bites are a HIT!
  • Trust me. stick 'em in the freezer
  • The perfect little treat before bed
  • Remind me of my grandma's cookies and in tiny bite size morsels! Definitely recommend 
  • These are dangerously good